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The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will headline the 12th annual edition of the Ocean City Air Show on June 15-16, 2019 featuring the Canadian Forces Snowbirds! The USAF F-16 Viper Demo Team will perform along with a wide variety of military and civilian demo teams.  More performers will be announced in the coming weeks. To get the latest updates on performer announcements enter your info below!


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Miles from your Home to the Show?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Show center is at 16th Street, so you’ll likely see at least some of the show. But we can’t guarantee which acts because it depends on the flight vectors.

      • OC Air Show says:

        Yeah, Brian, you are totally correct in that we do get a lot of “can I see it from X Street?” type emails/messages this time of year! 🙂 As you state, it’s challenging to give a very specific answer because each plane (or set of planes) fly different trajectories, and may or may not be visible from any given part of the city. If you are in Ocean City, it’s super likely you’ll catch some of the show just by looking up… we just can’t guarantee what you may or may not see. But we’re happy to respond to as many people as ask! <3

  1. Kellie Collins says:

    wish i could go! hey will the Stealth Bomber ever show anywhere again? OCMD or Annapolis, again someday, i hope! when? do you know?

    • OC Air Show says:

      There are not static displays at this show because it’s out on the beach (so no where to land planes). Some of the planes fly out of the naval base, some out of the municipal airport.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Those slides are placeholders for if we get any last-minute additions, which sometimes happens! All of the other performers are confirmed.

  2. Matthew says:

    Just wanted to say whoever responds on this OC Air show page is awesome. Every question (even tho some questions could be answered with info that is already on the site..) I see they still answer. This is my first year coming to watch the show an I purchased tickets for the drop zone (pretty excited). Keep up the good work. Thanks

    • OC Air Show says:

      I super appreciate it, Matthew! We really do try to make sure to respond in a timely manner to all questions to make sure people feel they have the best information! Hope you enjoy the show.

    • OC Air Show says:

      We’ll be posting that information about a week before the event, but the show runs from noon to 3:30 pm.

  3. Ronni says:

    Hey there! Do the planes fly the whole strip of the beach up to maybe 75th or just that small area of 14th – 17th street? Thanks!

    • OC Air Show says:

      It depends on the plane… it’s hard to say, but they generally are viewable pretty far up and down the boardwalk.

  4. Kyle D Kohler says:

    Is there a fee to watch the show? I see that there are tickets for premium seats but is there just general admission

    • OC Air Show says:

      Our Drop Zone ticket is the general admission ticket if you want a designated area on the beach to watch the show.

      • Carol A Wyble says:

        What is the schedule of times the different aircraft will be flying?
        What time are the A-10’s flying? One of the pilots is a good friend of ours!

    • Kellie Collins says:

      yes i want to see it again too! mostly, i want my husband to see it! when it was there last time he had cataracts and couldn’t see it! now one eye is fixed and he could see it now! i hope they bring it back soon!

    • Kevin says:

      I went last year and had a great time. However, was very disappointed in the lack of aircraft demos. This year I see you have a few more mystery demos but not announced yet. Sadly, this might be my last year in attendance. I always purchase the VIP rooftop tickets and need to see more demos to justify the cost.

  5. Nathan Zittle says:

    So are the three “To Be Announced” just events you are still looking to fill or are they like special events that you will have to find out what they are when they get there.

  6. Orla says:

    My son loves planes especially the blue angels but can’t do crowds. Is there a place we could go away from the crowds to watch the planes?

    • OC Air Show says:

      The beach is pretty crowded everywhere. Your best bet would probably be to reserve a hotel room somewhere with a balcony view and watch from there.

      • Allen says:

        Personally, I think the best place to watch is from the water! Either in the bay or in the ocean if its not too rough. No crowds and the planes come nearly directly over you. Everyone we have ever had out there has loved it (as long as you don’t get seasick!)

  7. Francois Charpentier says:


    Can we fly to the Ocean City airport to come see the air show? Is the airport going to be open?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Yes the airport will be open – they may have a few TFRs happening throughout the weekend, so give them a call ahead of time to determine the best time to arrive.

  8. Roger W Bordine says:

    So it looks like the F-22 is booked that weekend, but the F-35 is free that weekend AND is flying up from Miami to Quebec! OC is on the way up!) If not a full demo, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to get it for some full-burner fast passes!!!!!!!

    • Jeff H says:

      How awesome would that be? I’ve seen them twice and was BLOWN AWAY by their show both times. They may not be at OC, but they’re doing a North American tour this summer. I hope to catch them in Atlantic City and Toronto at the very least.

  9. Scott Clements says:

    Ive read recently that the F35 demo team has added more of the planes capabilities to their demo.. any chance of getting the F35 this year?

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