Viewing from a Boat


Viewing of the OC Air Show from a boat or watercraft is permitted in a limited area on the eastern perimeter of the United States Coast Guard Safety Zone.  The eastern perimeter extends 12,000 feet parallel with the flight path of the performing aircraft.  The depth along the eastern perimeter is approximately 30-35 feet. No anchoring, hovering or idling of boats or watercraft will be permitted to the North or South of the Coast Guard Safety Zone.  U.S. Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife Commission vessels will be patrolling the perimeter of the Coast Guard Safety Zone and will be strictly enforcing these guidelines and regulations.


The interactive Google Map above provides detailed information and GPS coordinates on the location of the four corners of the Coast Guard Safety Zone. You can click on the icons and corner marker points to display more information about them. Click on the upper right icon to bring the map full screen.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Yes, boats are allowed anywhere that boating is allowed by public ordinance, so be sure to double check all local and state guidelines.

  1. Rob M. says:

    With the winds forecast to be +20 mph and 4′-6′ seas, viewing from the ocean isn’t gonna happen.
    Does anyone know what the “hard-deck” (lowest altitude) is for the planes? Thinking of anchoring outside the channel, SW of Harbor Island but I have a feeling much of the view of the aircraft will be blocked by the buildings. I’d just hate to drag the boat down to OC and do all that work if we can’t see the planes performing. .

    • j says:

      You can anchor in the bay on 16th street. Everyone does. You can still see and hear the planes except for a few low flying ones.

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