OC Air Show returns June 19-20, 2021

The 14th annual edition of the OC Air Show returns to Ocean City, Maryland on June 19-20, 2021 over the beach and boardwalk!   Enjoy an encore broadcast of Saturday’s performances with the ability to fast forward to your favorites with AirDotShow Livestream! Tickets purchased for the Flight Line Club, Sand Boxes and Drop Zone... View Article

The 14th annual edition of the OC Air Show returns to Ocean City, Maryland on June 19-20, 2021 over the beach and boardwalk!


Enjoy an encore broadcast of Saturday’s performances with the ability to fast forward to your favorites with AirDotShow Livestream!

Tickets purchased for the Flight Line Club, Sand Boxes and Drop Zone in 2020 will be honored at the 2021 event.  Sunday tickets for the VIP Penthouse and VIP Skybox will also be honored due to the cancellation for weather. Tickets will go on sale on Veterans Day, November 11, at special intro pricing. To be notified please enter your info below


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  1. Angelica cruz says:

    Hola yo Estoy hospedada el la 81. As buen Lugar para ver el show?I’m staying at 81. Is it a good place to see the show?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hola Angelica, si, Deberías poder ver bastante bien desde allí. El radio es de 10 millas al norte y al sur de la calle 15 (15th Street).

  2. Bran says:

    How far up the beach are the planes/the airshow decently viewed? Taking my 5 year old twins to the beach tomorrow to have a beach day and watch the airshow. What street should i go to the beach on in order for my kids to have an awesome view/experience? Please advise ASAP. Good Luck Blue Angels!!-

    • OC Air Show says:

      You might see a couple things in the sky – we have planes flying from a few different airports, so it won’t be all the acts.

    • OC Air Show says:

      So this year’s show will be a little different because there are no ticketed beach areas, and the planes are going to be flying a bit further of a distance to allow for visibility all up and down the beach. The usual parking lot at the West Ocean City Park and Ride are NOT open this year due to COVID, so you’ll want to likely research ahead of time to find a good option. Typically there are vendors not affiliated with us here at the air show along the city streets that sell parking that can be an option.

  3. Kelli Kulp says:

    I just read a news article about livestreaming your air show. I’m a frequent visitor to Ocean City from Iowa. I would love to watch and share the show with neighbors. Can you give me the information as to how I can view it?

  4. Doug says:

    If you have drop zone ticket already are they still good and the drop zone will be available for pre-purchased tickets?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Unfortunately, all beachfront ticket areas are no longer allowed due to public health regulations. Please see the email we sent out to ticketholders last week regarding options.

    • OC Air Show says:

      There are no beachfront ticketing options for this year’s show – please see our email from last week regarding new public health regulations for this year’s show.

  5. Kim S. says:

    We are going to be in OC until Friday the 14th. I have a 5 year old grandson and was wondering if they would be practicing on the 14th before we leave. He loves airplanes and was hoping he might get a glimpse.

    • OC Air Show says:

      We do have a practice day on Friday, so he’ll likely hear and maybe see something that day! We don’t publish our practice schedule because it is subject to change.

      • Louann Law says:

        I recieved an email stating these tickets are void due to the dept of health in md for the air show 15 and 16

        • OC Air Show says:

          Hey Louann, yes – per our email, all beachfront ticketed areas have been shut down by the public health department. Please see the email for further details.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Ticket is needed for the beach area near show center at 16th street. The rest of the beach is open to the public.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Nancy, absolutely! If you have Saturday tickets, they will be honored on Saturday August 15 as is, or same with Sunday on Sunday, August 16.

  6. Matt says:

    If we bought tickets prior to when the airshow was originally suppose to be, will our tickets be honored for the new date of August 15th and 16th to attend without having to buy new tickets?

    • Sharon says:

      We have Flightline tickets prepurchased for Saturday in June but since it’s now scheduled for august 15th saturday can we still use those tickets? And how do we get the parking pass?

      • OC Air Show says:

        Hi Sharon, you will be able to use your Saturday tickets as is for the August 15th Saturday show date. You will be emailed the parking pass with directions to your parking spot about two weeks prior to the show.

  7. Diana says:

    If we already purchased Drop Zone tickets for the previous dates in June, these tickets are still good, correct?
    Thank you.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hi Diana, yes! Your tickets can be used as is for the same day of the weekend that they were purchased (Saturday for Saturday August 15 and Sunday tickets for Sunday, August 16). No action required on your part!

        • OC Air Show says:

          Hey Eddie, we had just put a December date on the Facebook event in order to hold the event until we got it rescheduled. The date is August 15-16 for sure.

  8. Phil Grillo says:

    This is one of my favorite times of the year! The show is amazing and I love being able to stand on the beach and see the planes fly by! Totally understand the reason for postponing and like most people said thanks for not cancelling! I have been going for four years and will never miss another one! Thanks and be safe!

    • OC Air Show says:

      We love our show too and we can’t WAIT to get back out there!!! Thanks so much for your love and support of the show!

  9. Carl’s pavese says:

    Been coming to the show for a long time my dad serve 25 years in the navy ww2 Korea japan South Pacific and here everyone’s safety mostly the aircrew and their planes are important
    I used to sit on the board walk to watch with my husband who is a war buff but never sat on the beach or on top of building
    Can’t wait to see it we will hopefully get there one way or another thanks fir not canceling it
    Thanks to all involved to try to make this happen

    • OC Air Show says:

      We love it too – it broke our hearts to have to postpone, but our spectators’ safety ALWAYS comes first!

  10. Michelle Moran says:

    My grandchildren were so disappointed, but we’ll be there on the rescheduled date. Can’t wait!!!

    • OC Air Show says:

      Us too! It broke our hearts to have to postpone, but our spectators’ safety comes first and foremost. We’re looking forward to bringing the show back this fall!

        • OC Air Show says:

          It’s likely that late summer/early fall period timeframe. Date should be announced in the next 30 days.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Matt, yes, the Thunderbirds are still slated to be our headliners! We are awaiting a final date confirmation from them.

  11. Eugene P Zeiser says:

    I want very much to see the airshow, but I assume that if I have a scheduling conflict, I can get a refund of my $500+ – correct?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Eugene, yes, we’re asking all patrons to wait until we announce the new date for this year’s show, and then we’ll work with ticketholders who may have a scheduling conflict.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Amen! We love what the USAF Thunderbirds and USN Blue Angels are doing to support morale in this time when we can’t host our show. So appreciative of our military members!

  12. kathy clark says:

    So disappointed to have to cancel my trip to air show. This would have been my first trip for air show. I hope we get to come.

    • OC Air Show says:

      We’re so sad about the delay too, but our fans’ safety and well-being is our #1 priority! So we will reschedule and plan to enjoy our time together then. Thanks so much for being our fan!

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Anna, thanks for asking! At this time, we’re waiting on confirmation from our military acts on their updated schedule, which is a bit of a moving target. We’ll email out to our mailing list and post on Facebook as soon as the new date is confirmed with the airport officials, local government teams, and performers.

  13. Owen says:

    I’ve been attending the shows since early 2000’s, NEVER been disappointed. Can’t wait to hear the new date!

    • OC Air Show says:

      Thanks for being our fan, Owen! We love this show too and can’t wait to get to bring it back later this year! Stay tuned.

  14. Trent Ford says:

    I hope it’s in late August because I am waiting to schedule my vacation around this event. Safety is paramount during these uncertain times.

    • OC Air Show says:

      We’ll definitely keep everyone up-to-date on when the OC show will be returning. We appreciate our fans! Stay well.

    • OC Air Show says:

      We love our show too! It’s our goal to make it happen with the right safety procedures in place to protect our fans. Thanks for supporting and loving our show too!

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