UPDATE! Saturday Sequence of Flight

This event is on June 15, 2019

The OC Air Show flight performances will begin at 12:00 noon on Saturday centered at 16th street on the Boardwalk. The sequence of flight performances is as follows:

With the exception of the Blue Angels and Snowbirds, unless a military performer is listed as a demo, it is a single pass or mulit-pass flyover.  For updates, additions and changes to the sequence of performers on Saturday, June 15th follow our Facebook Page.

Air Show Center

  1. Jeff Eberly says:

    Awesome doesn’t seem enough. Saw practice Thurs and Frid. Then the weekend. Great to see The Sow Birds join the show. Wouldn’t it be awesome to invite one of the Presidential planes some year. If possible to get feed back to all participants let them know it was a very awesome show. Many thanks!!

  2. Nicki says:

    Awesome show today!! We loved every minute. Heads up— it took 2 hours to drive from the inlet just to 51st street from 4 pm to 6 pm. —- be prepared.

    • Proud Canadian says:

      I am Canadian and was very very proud of our Snowbirds today at the Ocean City Airshow. I have seem the Blue Angels many times in Airshows in Chicago and Ocean City and they are always fantastic, but this is the first time I have seen the Snowbirds. Their show must have lasted 30 minutes. Oh Canada!

      • Tony says:

        I agree! This was th first time I’ve seen the Snowbirds and they were excellent. Their formations were precise and their acrobatic flying was also exciting, original and well executed. Way to go Canucks!

    • OC Air Show says:

      The air show started at noon, but 60th Street is pretty far north from show center at 16th Street. You might see some, but not all of it.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Show Center is at 16th Street, so a few dozen blocks north or south can probably see most of the show.

  3. John Straczek says:

    i have tickets for drop zone – can i bring a cooler with sandwiches and soft drinks/ waters? can I bring beers? what are the rules for entrance? please advise and thank you.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Cooler with food and non-alcoholic drinks is fine. Beer will be available for purchase. Let us know if you have any other follow-up questions!

    • OC Air Show says:

      Show Center is at 16th Street, so a few dozen blocks north or south can probably see most of the show.

      • Mary says:

        We are at the Flamingo on 31st Street. We can’t see the search and rescue or the finer points of the parachute team, but we have great views of all the aircraft and air exhibitions! They are right in front of us and directly over our heads!

    • OC Air Show says:

      The aerial performance runs from noon to 3:30 pm, but because each flight is required to be cleared by the FAA and the flight boss, it’s difficult to pinpoint exact times of each flight. But each act is about 10-15 minutes.

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