Viewing from a Boat


Viewing of the OC Air Show from a boat or watercraft is permitted in a limited area on the eastern perimeter of the United States Coast Guard Safety Zone.  The eastern perimeter extends 12,000 feet parallel with the flight path of the performing aircraft.  The depth along the eastern perimeter is approximately 30-35 feet. No anchoring, hovering or idling of boats or watercraft will be permitted to the North or South of the Coast Guard Safety Zone.  U.S. Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife Commission vessels will be patrolling the perimeter of the Coast Guard Safety Zone and will be strictly enforcing these guidelines and regulations.


The interactive Google Map above provides detailed information and GPS coordinates on the location of the four corners of the Coast Guard Safety Zone. You can click on the icons and corner marker points to display more information about them. Click on the upper right icon to bring the map full screen.

  1. Svend in Ocean Pines says:

    Looking to listen to airshow via streaming or AM/FM radio. Is this available if not can I recommend it for next year? Thanks

    • OC Air Show says:

      We do not have it available this year. We’ve noted the interest from the public for this and are discussing the logistics of how we might do this for future shows.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Details are on this page – you simply must abide by the directions provided in the upper section regarding distance from the shore.

  2. Lynn says:

    If we are putting off our boat on the bay side near Ocean Downs are we allowed to cruise the waters as usual? Fishing, riding etc. Thanks Lynn

  3. Michael says:

    Can you anchor in the Isle of Wright Bay (assuming you follow protocol and don’t anchor in a channel, etc.)?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Michael, viewing of the OC Air Show from a boat or watercraft is permitted in a limited area on the eastern perimeter of the United States Coast Guard Safety Zone in the ocean. We cannot guarantee views of the show from the Bay, but general guidelines of channel traffic should be followed accordingly for any watercraft traveling in that area.

  4. Dan says:

    If I park my truck and ride a “beach-bike” to the show, would that be OK? Would I be able to affix the bike to a rack or something so it doesnt go Bye-Bye? I have chronic back condition that severely limits my ability to walk or stand, and a bike really helps me travel longer distances with relative ease. Thank you for your reply!

    • OC Air Show says:

      Unfortunately, bicycles are not allowed in the ticketed areas. You would need to procure a spot to park your bicycle as they are available throughout the town.

  5. Margaret says:

    Question: There are 6 of us — all around 70 years old. We want to buy Drop Zone tickets and understand we can bring our own chairs/umbrellas. However, we cannot park and each carry chairs and umbrellas. Is there an ability to rent chairs and umbrellas in the Drop Zone? Is there a service that provides accommodation for senior citizens, even if we have to pay?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Margaret, there will be umbrella rentals in the Drop Zone, but not chair rentals. Maybe you could purchase chairs at one of the shops on the boardwalk? Also, keep in mind that the availability of umbrellas is on a first come first served basis so we cannot guarantee that you will receive one. Hope this helps!

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