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To reach one of our department heads you can e-mail them by clicking on their e-mail link below. If you are planning to attend the show and are looking for further information please call (321) 395-3110.

Department Contacts


Kyle Smith
Sales & Marketing
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Steve Webster
Event Site Operations
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Laney Poye
Admissions & Ticketing
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Steve Webster
Flight Operations
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Sara Gauthier
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Chris Dirato
Public Relations
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Note! If you are a food, beverage or merchandise vendor please visit our Sponsor page and submit an inquiry with the indicated interest. We will forward your request to our exclusive food and beverage or merchandise concessioner. Any food, beverage or vendor inquires sent direct to any email above will not be responded to.

  1. LFA Jamie says:


    None of the above “Click to email” links work.

    Can you please provide me with an email I can use to contact you with a complaint.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jamie Faulkner
    Founder of LFA.

  2. Chris says:

    This seems to be an epic failure of site design the hour by hour show schedule of aircraft performers seems to be MIA on your site and on your Facebook site as well. Am I missing it on there somewhere because the site is so poorly designed?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Chris, we are not allowed to provide hour-by-hour flight, but we do provide both a Saturday and a Sunday sequence page so you can see the order of the performances, which have also been posted on our Facebook page. Sorry if you missed it along the way.

  3. david patrick mora 703-231-4442 says:

    on Sunday Fathers Day June 17th will the planes be flying ?? what time will the fights start taking place ?? ive seen , gates open at 9am i see 11am for flight and i see noon for the flight sequence to start taking place ,
    and then again i don’t see any schedule for sunday the 17th , on the official page , please help ??

    what time does the flight sequence start on sunday ??

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey David, general admission opens at 9 am, VIP areas open at 10 am. Yes, we do have a full schedule, noon to four, on Sunday, June 17th.

  4. TL says:

    We have Flight Line Club VIP tickets again this year. Last year, the speakers were not loud enough to hear the announcer. Has this been corrected for this year?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Tracy, sorry about the issue last year. Yes, they were running sound checks today and everything sounded good! If for some reason you have the same issue this year, pop over to one of our volunteers in the blue shirts and let them know, so they can alert the air show staff. We’ll do our best to help you out.

  5. I have tickets for the drop zone. Can I bring in a cooler with water and my own lunch?karen says:

    I have tickets for the drop zone. Can I bring in a cooler with water and my own lunch

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hi there – a cooler with water and soda is allowed, but will be subject to search. No outside food or alcoholic drink is allowed into the Drop Zone Beach. There is food and alcohol available for purchase with our vendors on the boardwalk.

  6. Frederick Myers says:

    We ordered tickets but had trouble downloading the file. We cannot print it. We did not save the file.

    Can you help us.

  7. Frank P. says:

    Will there be beach chairs/lounge chairs available to use on the beach, or do I have to rent them when I get there,if so how much are they? Also how soon can the VIP Ticket holders be allowed to go onto the beach. Thanks..

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Keith, I believe that all of our vendor spots have been filled for this year’s show, but you can contact Steve at to get more information and receive details for the 2019 show. Thanks so much for reaching out!

  8. Linda says:

    What time is the air show on Sunday? Will drop zone tickets available on June 1, 2018? That is when I will be prepared to order them. Also are beach chairs and umbrellas available for rent?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hi Linda – the Drop Zone area will open around 9 am and the show starts mid day. Yes, you can purchase drop zone tickets on June 1 – tickets are available up to the day of the show. Beach chairs and umbrellas will not be available to rent in the Drop Zone. Our Flight Line tickets do include a rented beach chair, if you choose to purchase at that level.

  9. Ryan says:

    My 5 and 6 year old boys are obsessed with coast guard search and rescue. When will these demos take place, and how would you recommend we watch?

    • OC Air Show says:

      Hey Ryan, great to hear that you and your boys love the coast guard search and rescue. We encourage families to purchase tickets on our Drop Zone, which puts you right at the 50-yard line of the show center. The show schedule will be released closer to the date of the show, but all performers will be between noon and around 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

  10. karen daloisio says:

    will there be drop zone tickets available if I wait until next week, trying to determine the weather for either Saturday or sunday

  11. Sumit says:

    Hi, my name is Sumit. We are staying at Salisbury and will be driving down from there for the Sunday event. Are there adequate parking facilities near the show venue ?

  12. David Gosse 3023327680 says:

    This will be our first airshow here. Are we allowed to go in the water while the airplanes are performing?

  13. Frank says:

    We’ll be staying at 95th street. Is there event parking near 16th on both dates;
    and /or, would you instead recommend using the Coastal Hwy. bus ?Thank you

  14. Brandon says:

    I’m coming from Pennsylvania and I would like to know the exact address of the even or where it will be located so I can find a hotel nearby. Also is there anything happening on Sunday that won’t be happening on Saturday?

  15. John Sears (410)993-8302 says:

    Good morning,

    My name is John Sears and I am from Northrop Grumman in Baltimore MD. Last year we had a tent for our group on Saturday. I worked with a gentleman on tickets. We would like to do the same thing as we did last year.

    • OC Air Show says:

      John, you worked with Steve Webster last year and I will have him reach out to you directly. Thanks for contacting us.

    • OC Air Show says:

      Matt, meet and greets are throughout both days during the show as the performers are available on site. The best place to meet the performers is at the Saturday party, which we will have more information on at a later date.

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