U.S. Navy Blue Angels

  The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will return to Ocean City, Maryland on June 15-16, 2019 to headline the OC Air Show.  The 12th annual event will once again kick off Ocean City’s summer season.   A Blue Angels performance exhibits the flying skills that all naval aviators possess. The team’s C-130, also known as Fat Albert, begins… View Article

Scott Francis

The OC Air Show will feature Scott Francis, a high energy aerobatic performer who will be flying in the OC Air Show for the first time ever on June 16-17 over the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.   Scott Francis has been flying in airplanes for as long as he can remember. Born… View Article

Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds

The Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds will perform for the first time at the 2019 OC Air Show, June 15-16, 2019 over the beaches and boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland.   The Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds (431 Air Demonstration Squadron) is a Canadian icon comprised of active duty members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Their pilots… View Article

U.S. SOCOM Para-Commandos

  The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Parachute Team, called the Para-Commandos, is composed of volunteers from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and U.S. government civilians who are assigned to Special Operations Command. They are selected for the team after a rigorous training program. They participate with the USSOCOM Parachute Team… View Article

P-51 Quicksilver Mustang Demo

The OC Air Show will feature a P-51 Mustang Demo by Scott “Scooter” Yoak in “Quicksilver” showcasing the incredible maneuverability and that unmistakable sound that made this World War II era fighter the legend of it’s time. Even today, the P-51 Mustang is an air show favorite.   The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was an… View Article

A-10 Warthog

An A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt II will be featured in the Air Force Heritage Flight at the 2017 OC Air Show, June 17-18, 2017 over the beach and boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland.  This is the first year the A-10 will make a flight appearance at air shows in the U.S. since 2012.   The A-10 Warthog… View Article

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The OC Air Show will be 1 of only 8 air shows in 2018 to feature a flight performance of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The F-35 will fly together with the P-51 Mustang in a Heritage Flight showcasing the past and future of Air Force technology. The 2018 performance will also include added solo maneuvers… View Article

L-39 Cold War Era Jet Demo

The OC Air Show will feature an L-39 Cold War Era jet demo as part of this year’s performer line up on June 16-17, 2018 over the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.   The Czechoslovakian L-39 was built as the successor to their earlier trainer, the L-29 Delfin. Design. Work began in 1966,… View Article

B-25 Panchito WWII Bomber

The OC Air Show on June 16-17, 2017 will feature the “Panchito” B-25 Bomber.  The B-25 was made famous during the World War II Doolittle raid on Japan when 16 B-25’s were launched off the aircraft carrier USS Hornet.   In a rare opportunity, the Delaware Aviation Museum Foundation is offering the chance to experience… View Article

C-5M Super Galaxy

  The OC Air Show in Ocean City, Maryland will feature an appearance by the C-5M Super Galaxy from the 436th Airlift Wing based at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The C-5M will fly on one day only on Sunday, June 17th.   The C-5M Super Galaxy is a the largest transport aircraft in the… View Article